The Living Midlands Magazine Interviews Aleksandra Guz, the Worcestershire Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

So proud of Aleksandra Guz Pro Makeup Artist and Hair Design being featured in the latest issue of the Midlands Living magazine. Well deserved! I’m truly happy that my clients are having their makeup and hair styling done by the best of the best! And some of my photographs also found their way there which is a bonus.

I was never the girl who loved playing with the makeup. In fact I was never really into makeup. My true calling was working closely with people. […] A physical transformation can transform people’s mental attitude and bring new-found confidence.Thats why I chose to carve out a career in hair and makeup. For me it’s all about transformation. Bringing out a woman’s natural beauty to make her feel happy in her own skin. I aim to empower women showing them their uniqueness and individuality. I worked with many actors and designers before moving into the wedding industry and recently with photographers. And now I don’t have a desire to work with celebrities anymore. My aim is to make ordinary women look and feel like celebrities.

Aleksandra Guz

Similarly to Aleksandra, my main passion is transformation. I don’t photograph women purely for the love of photography and creating images. Portrait and boudoir photography are just my tool to achieve the desired transformation and lasting change in my clients. I was always into photography, since I remember, but I am not a typical photographer fixated on their gear and techy side. I want to feel, then see and then show my vision to you. I work closely with each one of my clients, get to know them and their story I help women gain more confidence, empowerment and acceptance through the guided photoshoot experience and of course the final photographs.

Thats why I am so pleased having Aleksandra in my team as we both strive for the same goals just using different mediums. We are a dream team!

Interview with Aleksandra Guz in the Living Midlands Magazine

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