I love the magazine-style portrait sessions and I want to photograph every woman, who has ever looked in the mirror and not felt beautiful or good enough. I believe that each one of us deserves to have a beautiful portrait of herself and I want to take the best photographs you’ve ever seen of yourself.

No matter your age or size, I don’t believe in sticking to any set norms. I’m convinced that every woman has a timeless beauty that goes beyond external standards. It’s all about embracing your true self, and I’m here to help you navigate a photo journey that highlights the beauty within you, ready to be showcased and cherished in every picture.

In a world where outside influences can mess with our self-worth, I want to remind you that beauty has no boundaries. As a woman, you can radiate beauty at any stage of life, and that’s something I’m excited to capture. My work is all about encouraging you to be authentically you, embracing the unique qualities that make you genuinely beautiful.

Whether you’re just starting out in adulthood or enjoying the wisdom of your golden years, my lens is ready to capture the special beauty that’s all yours. So, let’s celebrate your authentic self and take a journey to capture your beauty—one awesome photo at a time. Just be yourself, and let’s make some beautiful memories!

Portrait Retouching in Photoshop

Watch me editing Hanna’s image to see how I post-process my photos. Every client and shoot is different and I use several available tools and techniques to create the final look. I do like keeping the skin as perfect as possible but still keeping the texture to avoid the super fake blurred pixels often used by my fellow photographers to deal with any skin imperfections.

I often use liquify tool to adjust the shape or creases and of course, the dodge and burn – think of it as contouring. You can see how I use shading and brightening to add more 3D effects to the image and optically slim down or enlarge specific areas.

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