What’s the difference between glamour portrait and boudoir photography?

Glamour Photography

Glamour photography focuses on the beauty of the person in the photograph. It isn’t always well understood. Glamour is a genre that can celebrate sexual attraction. As a result, it sometimes makes photographers or the clients apprehensive.

Glamour shots focus on physical beauty.

Photographers piece together several different aspects. From the wardrobe and makeup to lighting and post processing. All the different elements work together to celebrate the subject’s beauty. For many, glamour photography is about giving women confidence and making them feel beautiful.

For photographers, glamour photography is a portrait session. However it’s one that maximises the subject’s beauty. It’s a portrait session that can involve makeup, wardrobe choices, and fine-tuned poses.

Others define glamour photography as something a bit more sensual. These types of images still celebrate beauty but in a more flirtatious way. These glamour shots highlight attraction. However photographers can do that with posing and light, not only wardrobe.

That doesn’t mean the model is always wearing revealing clothing. But sometimes photographers will define glamour as boudoir-like shots. Even if they are outside the boudoir (or bedroom).

What matters in glamour photography is how everything comes together to celebrate beauty. Whether that’s in an understated way or a more alluring one.

Boudoir Photography

A Boudoir Photography session is a very emotional experience. It’s a gift that keeps on giving for the women, and their loved ones, who have the courage to book a shoot. A boudoir shoot is a sub-genre of glamour photography.

Boudoir also celebrates beauty, but in a more obvious sexual way.

Boudoir photography subjects are often wearing lingerie. And, as the name suggests, it takes place in a bedroom, other private location or also in the studio.

These shoots — and glamour, for that matter — aren’t about creating a response from the viewer.

Boudoir can help women feel more confident in their own skin. For example, new brides often gift their husbands with boudoir images.

In a world full of selfies, boudoir photography is meant to capture the true emotion behind each client. It also helps people accept their bodies and value themselves.

What about glamdoir?

Glamdoir is the perfect combination of intimate or boudoir photography and glamour photography. In conclusion, they have the same purpose, to celebrate YOU, your beauty, confidence and love of yourself. The only thing that makes them different is how much or little clothes you wear.

Personally I find my photography style close to glamdoir where I combine elements of both genres, often adding an editorial feel to my images. I love fashion and magazine shoots are often my inspiration in terms of posing and styling. I prefer simple setups. To me, too much distraction and elaborate setups, take away from the subject. In addition, this may not look so chic and classy years later.

Top reasons you may want to have a glamour portrait or boudoir session

  • celebrate an important milestone in your life
  • empower yourself and build up confidence
  • give yourself or a loved one a unique gift
  • create a visual legacy for yourself and your family
  • nurture and heal your relationship with your body
  • conquer fear and prove to yourself that you’re beautiful
  • you won a battle against a cancer
  • because you are proud of your scars / piercing / tattoos / strechmarks
  • simply because we owe it to ourselves to better our relationship to our body

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