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I am a Glamour Portrait Photographer in Worcester specialising in a fashion style of contemporary photography for women. I offer the experience of a magazine photo shoot with hair, make-up and wardrobe styling. That’s how I define my brand, but the true value of a glamour portrait to me is to take women on a journey of self acceptance and empowerment. To watch them unfold from vulnerability to trust and allow them to see themselves at their most beautiful. Women of all ages get to come in to my studio to spend a day of dress up, pampering and fun. Followed by beautiful portraits that they can keep and share. It’s a mixture of fun and excitement and wonderment for me to watch these women transform to confidence in front of me. It’s part fantasy and a whole lot of Soul.

What is glamour?

If we look up the term “glamour” inside a dictionary, it will define it as “the quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, especially by a combination of charm and good looks.” When it comes to photography as an artistic medium, it means capturing and conveying all these qualities through an image; in fact, this kind of picture goes even further . It portrays sexuality, style, beauty and confidence as well, in an unusually appealing manner. Perhaps saying that glamour photography is dedicated to making women look beautiful in a sophisticated way is what describes it all best.

But what does a glamour portrait mean to the women who decide to go ahead with the photoshoot? Apart from fancy clothing, is this any different from having a standard photo taken? Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper just to pop in to any local studio, known to have photographed masses of families, children, couples and events? What makes the glamour genre stand out and worth investing into?

Why book a glamour photoshoot?

Women decide to book a glamour photoshoot experience for a number of reasons. Most of them simply want to be pampered and feel like a real superstar for the day. We live busy lives these days and for us, women, there is usually no time to focus on ourselves only. Work, children, partner, house, other family members, friends, hobby… the list goes on and on. We often feel guilty spending more money on ourselves as we think there are other, higher priorities. However we still long to feel attractive, wanted or maybe just simply want to accept ourselves the way we are.

How would a bunch of photographs make you feel better about yourself? Well, it isn’t just about photographs. A professional photoshoot is an experience and photographs are the final product. But the journey to self acceptance and empowerment starts from pre-shoot consultation designing your future images, through the series of preparation guides from your photographer, then the hair and make up on the day and finally styling and the photoshoot itself – it is a hell of a journey. And then the wait till the reveal day when you can finally see you finished images! This is the most exciting and touching moment of the whole experience for both your photographer and yourself. Women usually cry during the reveal seeing their beautiful portraits printed and spread across a whole wall. It’s incredibly moving.

Other women would love to leave a legacy of amazing images for themselves and their loved ones. This is so important as often if we do not accept ourselves, we stop taking photographs completely. As a result we don’t exist in images at all. I strongly encourage all women to leave a visual legacy of beautiful portraits that will last many years to come.

Selfie versus Professional Portrait

In the era of everyone being a photographer or taking selfies with ridiculous filters all the time, having a session with a professional glamour photographer is a completely different experience. And – of course – it results with completely different images. I’m not only talking about the quality of the images such as sharpness, colour, background blur etc. that can be achieved only with professional cameras and lenses. I’m talking about composition, posing, lighting and retouching. This is not something one can achieve on their own without appropriate equipment and experience.

Why wouldn’t you do a glamour photoshoot simply with any local photographer? All photographers, as with many other professions, have their specialties. Yes, there are a lot of photographers doing absolutely everything and having huge amounts of client. They range from family and newborns, to pet and product photography, from makeover to cake smashes, from weddings to covering commercial events and more. But are they truly specialists in all of these genres?

Once in a lifetime experience

Magazine style photoshoot is sometimes a once in a lifetime experience so you need to carefully select your photographer. The photographs, especially when printed on high quality paper, will last generations. Make sure you choose a photographer who really does specialise in boutique photoshoot experience for women. Starting from detailed preparation guides for the clients, through styling and posing as well as end products that you would proudly display in your home.

If you are considering professional glamour portrait photography in Worcester, you can schedule a complimentary consultation with RENATA CLARKE PORTRAITS

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