A fabulous way to celebrate your bond and create a visual legacy that will last a lifetime

Although the vast majority of my portrait photoshoots are for individual women, I increasingly get booked for portrait sessions featuring sisters, best friends or mother and daughter.

The first question that probably goes through your head is – why should I do this? Well, there are a couple of reasons and all have benefits. First and foremost, with your mother and daughter photoshoot, you’ll have some amazing quality time. Just the two of you! No one else! You’ll get to have a great time together and most importantly, you’ll have a wonderful mother-daughter portrait. I am pretty sure that one day both of you will look back at the picture with a huge smile on your faces. This will be your visual legacy that will last a lifetime.

My process for the mother and daughter photoshoot

As with all my photoshoots, I start by sending out my preparation guides and then carrying out a wardrobe consultation around a week or two before the photoshoot and this is normally done via video call (Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime). Consultation for 2 people usually takes an hour. This is where we discuss the exact outfits you will be wearing for your session, your hair and makeup preferences and any other requests you may have for your portraits.

On the day of the photoshoot, the experience kicks off with a full makeover by my favourite makeup artist and then we take a number of individual and group photos. I pose you both from head to toe so you don’t need to worry about anything. Your only focus during the session is to relax and enjoy the experience. For a session involving two people, I recommend up to three outfits for individual photos and up to two outfits for joint portraits.

We will meet again either in person or via a video call for your final appointment. Typically scheduled for the next day, this viewing and ordering appointment serves as an opportunity for you to review the images captured during your session. It’s your moment to handpick the photographs that resonate with you and that you wish to purchase. I have flexible options with my packages so you can easily add additional prints or folio box.

What’s the cost of the mother and daughter photoshoot?

If your daughter does not need makeup and hair styling, then the cost is the same as the photoshoot fee for a single person which currently is £200. If your daughter is old enough for a makeover, we will add £95 to the session fee to cover the cost of my makeup artist. You can pay online here – select the option personalised photoshoot experience for 2 people.

Can I book a mother and daughter photoshoot and still take part in your 40 over 40 campaign?

Absolutely! You can book your session as a part of my 40 over 40 campaign and share this experience with your daughter. The booking fee for this campaign is slightly higher as it includes £150 credit towards the final images you purchase and inclusion in my photo exhibition later this year. You can add a makeover for an additional person at £95, the same as with any other regular session with me.

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