Why is it important to have a professional photoshoot for your birthday

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Regardless of whether you are approaching a milestone birthday or just any other birthday, you can celebrate your day with a professional portrait photoshoot. And if you are feeling brave, give yourself permission for an empowering boudoir photoshoot.

Lock in the memories

You will never be the same again and this is your chance to create a visual legacy that will last a lifetime. Even if you are not 100% convinced you should do it now, your future self will be grateful for these photographs. If you can’t be extra on your birthday, a day dedicated to you, then when can you be?? These are memories you can look back on, knowing the exact point you were in your life, and reminiscing on that fun age.

Celebrate new beginnings

It’s great to commemorate the begining of another year in your life by having a photo session dedicated to you and your new era is a fun start to your next decade.

Gift to yourself – something special on your special day.

All photoshoot sessions in my portrait studio in Worcester are highly personalised and full service to make your day extra special. We offer refreshments and snacks on the day, full makeover with my professional makeup artist, several outfit changes and fully guided photoshoot where I pose you from head to toe. You don’t need any experience at all. Just come and enjoy the experience and we will take care of everything for you.

Do it for the people who love you!

Your loved ones will always cherish your photographs. Think of it as your visual legacy. These photographs will outlive you and will be a beautiful keepsake for the future generations.

Feel more confident and empowered.

Let’s face it, as the time goes by and life happens, we tend to lose our confidence and often even avoid camera thinking we are not photogenic. I had so many clients who pretty much stopped existing in photographs at some point in their lives. The portrait session was not only a great experience but also a reminder how truly beautiful they are and how much strength and inner power is within them. My gift is seeing people’s true essence and bringing it out in their photos. This is such a powerful and transformative process. You will never understand it until you go through it yourself.

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Makeup & hair styling by Aleksandra Guz Pro Makeup Artist and Hair Design

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