Over the years, many women have experienced the natural high of a styled glamour portrait or a boudoir photoshoot. Essentially, a glamour portrait is focused on subject’s beauty and bringing out their best features. A boudoir photo session will have you pose for more intimate, romantic, and sensual pictures. You may even try one nude. What you choose should boil down to what you expect to achieve from it, and what could be a bigger motivation for boudoir photography than your own inhibitions.

Below are my top 5 reasons to try out a glamour portrait or a boudoir photography session:

1.To Make Yourself Feel Empowered

Boudoir photography has its way of giving you a very strong sense of empowerment. After you’re done posing for a session, you will feel some therapeutic effects like a boost in confidence. Just as you would feel after a workout or a day at the mall, a boudoir session will have you feeling more confident about yourself. Imagine how empowering it would feel to see a beautiful portrait of yourself every day on your way out to work. 

2. To Regain Self-Confidence after Winning Your Battle Against Cancer

The battle against breast cancer can take a huge toll on a woman’s body, and it saps out all of their self-confidence. Many of these women find themselves feeling lost because part of their identities has been changed for the rest of their life. When you’re done surviving, you forget all about your femininity. Boudoir photography can help you take back your femininity again and show the world how beautiful you really are.

3. To Celebrate Your Milestones in a Unique Way

Tired of the same anniversary or birthday celebrations? How about you think out of the box and celebrate by making memories by capturing the experience itself? You won’t just come out with stunning captures of yourself. But you will have also marked your milestones in the most memorable way possible.

4. You WILL Laugh

A lot! Laughter makes everything easier, and when you get instructions on how to slide across the floor, you’re going to laugh like you haven’t before! Since you’re about to push your comfort zone to the limits and grow in the most beautiful way, laughter is going to heel every fear you have ever had. Anyone who has been part of a boudoir photo shoot will tell you the same. 

5. Why Waste an Opportunity to Get Pampered?

When was the last time you had your make-up and hair done for you while you sipped on some mimosa? Having that hour-ish of pampering just so you can glorify your natural beauty is what you need to calm your nerves. Don’t worry though, everyone is nervous their first time around, and you’re battling your inhibitions remember?

These were the top reasons for a makeover portrait of boudoir photoshoot but there are so many more. Which one would be yours?

Are You Ready to See a Different Side of Yourself? 

Are you looking for beautiful portraits of yourself with more than just a smile? If your answer is yes, schedule a consultation with me at Renata Clarke Portraits. Click here to have a look at some of my past works of portrait photography in Worcester. 

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