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Same Day Transformation

I’ve recently started photographing the courageous women that signed up to be part of my new campaign called DISCOVER YOU. It’s a limited series that celebrates you, what has shaped you and who you are NOW.

Elizabeth is the next superstar featured in my project. I am so grateful for having met this incredibly inspiring woman. Her inner light, strength, authenticity and love for life fascinate and motivate us to make the most of the life we have been given.

Meet Elizabeth.

She is stunning. She is powerful. She is a warrior.

Elizabeth’s story

I’m embracing my 40s as a single mom, thriving after leaving a toxic environment. Rediscovering the woman I was always meant to be, and realising she is pretty amazing. Growing in my relationship with God, and working to empower other women along the way. 

I recently did a course to become a champion for Black Country Women’s Aid. I believe in the power of sharing our stories, bringing them into the light. Even in my darkest moments, I knew that God would turn it round for good. Now I am starting to see the shoots of this.

Women need to come together. The world has had us competing against each other for too long. Society has been keeping us apart because it knows we are stronger together.

Magazine Style Portrait, Fine Art Portrait, Glamour Portrait, Makeover Photoshoot & Model Portfolio Photoshoot by Renata Clarke portrait photography studio in Worcestershire, Midlands, UK

What do you want most out of life?

To live the life that God has planned for me.

To continue to have a wonderful, authentic relationship with my son, to help him grow and follow his own path.

To use my voice to change the world, to nurture women and families, and help them find their authentic selves. I believe if you look after the woman, you bless the whole family.

To travel, to enjoy adventures, to keep living in the peace I now have.

My life is beautiful, because I made it that way.

One of my happiest places is when I’m sat with my girlfriends just chatting, laughing, crying, and sharing our lives with each other.

That was one of the things I really struggled with during the lockdown, I just wanted to be with my girlfriends. I don’t care whether we drink gin or a cup of tea. I need my tribe.

And I am really blessed with amazing friends. 

What brings you joy?

God, my relationships with the people I love, laughter, dancing, worshipping, reading.

What do you love about yourself?

I love that I am authentic and don’t crave anyone’s approval or seek permission for how I live my life. I AM ME. I’m proud when I Iook in the mirror, and I now know it’s okay to be proud of who I am. I’ve even started ballroom and Latin dancing again, and taken up pole fitness because I can.

The books you love

The Bible is my favourite love letter ever. Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle. I read it in a weekend and sobbed all the way through it. My mum bought me her other book, Untamed, and this was another weekend read. It was amazing. Another one is Fierce, Free and Full of Fire by Jen Hatmaker. 

Why are portraits important to you now?

I feel like I am a big turning point in my life. I feel this time is my foundation building for my son and I, and the great things to come. I would like a reminder of this time, and the woman I have become.

I want to capture my inner strength. The power in me. The warrior in me. My authentic self.

What words of wisdom, based on your personal experience, would you like to share with others who struggle to see their own inner light and inner power? 

Trust yourself and your instincts.

You know yourself better than anyone, sometimes we just need to shut out all of the other voices so we can actually hear own inner voice. You, and only you are responsible for your own happiness. You deserve to live the best life possible, whatever that might look like for you.

And obviously, I would say have a chat with the one I believe created us all, because I know His plans for us are greater than our own!

How did you feel seeing your finished portraits?

I absolutely loved them!! I was stunned for a few seconds, and then I thought Yeah that’s me! You captured me, and for that I am very thankful.

Photo & Retouch Renata Clarke

Makeup & Hair Styling Aleksandra Guz

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