No two women are the same so why should their makeup be?

Don’t let mountains of makeup options stop you from having the time of your life at your portrait or boudoir photoshoot. Whether you’re foxy glam, natural vixen, or looking for that pinup style, a photo shoot is the perfect time to rock what makes you spectacularly you. And the best part is that you aren’t alone! My in-house makeup artist will help you create whichever style you decide. Your makeup can be as intense or as subtle as you want. It will be entirely up to you.

When it comes to creating photographs that are meant to stay with your for many years to come and perhaps also be on a display at your home, it’s always best to go for one of universally classy options. Regardless whether the portrait studio you choose offers an in-house makeup artist or not, any heavy instagram looks don’t photograph well and will go out of fashion at some point (they already are), so don’t go for these.

Look at the top fashion magazines and the work of leading makeup artists such as Lisa Eldrige or Charlotte Tilbury. These looks can be sometimes quite edgy but generally focus on as naturally looking skin as possible and a chic glamour look. These will not look dated at any time soon. Your photographs will be your visual legacy that will last for many years so you want to make sure your styling looks still elegant in classy decades from now.

Some Classy Makeup Options

lingerie boudoir photoshoot in Worcester by Renata Clarke Photography


If you’re more a natural beauty type of girl, you can still rep your style while wearing some great makeup. You’ll start off by moisturizing (the secret to all around great makeup sessions), and then use a concealer to lighten up under your eyes.

For a natural glow you can add a cream highlighter and blush, if you’re feeling it. And for your eyes? Think a neutral toned shadow over your eyelid, with a touch of mascara, or a more natural style of false eyelashes. Think about trying a matte natural or nude color tone for your lip!


Naturally looking skin with a touch of bronzer, nude lips and a subtle liner with a flick. Or you can just go for more heavy liner look if that’s your thing. It’s very feminine and universally chic look. It can look either very flirty or sophisticated, depending on its thickness and shape.

Magazine Style Portrait, Fine Art Portrait, Glamour Portrait, Makeover Photoshoot & Model Portfolio Photoshoot by Renata Clarke portrait photography studio in Worcestershire, Midlands, UK
Modern Magazine Style Boudoir Photography, Elegant Boudoir Photoshoot , Fine Art Boudoir by Renata Clarke boutique boudoir photography studio in Worcestershire, Midlands, UK


If you’re looking for more of a vintage vibe keep things classy with your makeup while emphasizing some glamorous points. The key to pinup boudoir style is not to overdo it!
For brows, which are the foundation of the pinup look, your stylist will keep them well shaped, and filled with a brow pencil just a shade or two darker than your natural haircolor. Your eyelids will stay neutral, emphasized with either a beige or taupe color variation. Ready to get that perfect cat-eye? None of us truly are, but with the help of our makeup artist you can keep the retro vibe alive. Top it off with a red lip, and you’re ready to roll!


This look is my personal favourite and is all about awakening your inner vixen. For glam, think: lining, smudging and accentuating to bring out that smokey eye. Your lips are another great asset, so we’ll be lining and shining those beauties, as well. Lashes are a must for this look, but don’t be intimidated by the idea of wearing false ones. A little lash-inspiration is easy to come by with the help of our makeup artist.

Magazine Style Portrait, Fine Art Portrait, Glamour Portrait, Makeover Photoshoot & Model Portfolio Photoshoot by Renata Clarke portrait photography studio in Worcestershire, Midlands, UK

Remember, you’ll want to choose one main focal point for your glamour portrait or boudoir look, whether it’s eyes or lips. A good rule-of-thumb is to pair dark eyes with a nude or lighter lip, and a bright lip with a lighter or more neutral eye.  Whatever look you choose, my professional makeup artist will make you look gorgeous.

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