40 over 40 photoshoot with Suzanne

“I don’t really have anyone I look up to or want to be like. I’m just ME and I’m ok with that. I’m stronger than I ever thought I was, my sons call me the warrior.”

Suzanne - Same Day Transformation, Makeover Photoshoot by Renata Clarke Portraits in Worcester
Suzanne’s photoshoot transformation

Suzanne reached out to me about her photoshoot after seeing her friend’s photos taken for the 40 over 40 series (the lovely Jacqui!). She wanted to celebrate herself and her beauty at 53 and have something to look back on years from now. I knew Suzanne did a makeover photoshoot years ago so this wasn’t a new experience to her but what I didn’t know was the fact she wasn’t quite happy with it. I only found out on the day of her reveal appointment how that past session went and that it was a completely different experience from what she has gone through with us. And the result of course was different too. I am happy she trusted me and Aleksandra to guide her through the process and create something to be proud of.

My intention was never to offer a “conveyor belt” experience (something I often hear from women telling me about their past photoshoots) but truly empowering service with attention to detail and GENUINE CONNECTION WITH YOU. The photoshoot is to capture you at your best so yes, the makeup, hair, outfits and posing are important. But what matters to me most is bringing out your TRUE ESSENCE and reflecting back to you YOUR INNER POWER. This is such a transformational process and a great kickstart for you to start your own journey to empowerment and acceptance.

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