As a society, we now produce more photographs than ever before. In the era of camera in every phone, we all take loads of photos all the time. Many of them are shared on social media, but many more will simply be forgotten. But hardly any will make the transition into the physical world – a print.

Print isn’t dead — it’s better than ever

We may no longer print every photo by default, but this can actually be a good thing for printing. It is now about quality rather than quantity, and the pictures we choose to print deserve the best treatment. Honestly, there has never been a better time to print than now, thanks to technological advances in both digital cameras and printers. 

Printed photographs are heirloom items. They hold the power to start conversation, to bring people closer, to elicit emotion. They have the ability to document a story. My story. My Facebook feed doesn’t tell my story. Facebook isn’t beautiful. The photo album on my phone is temporary. It’s not exciting. It’s for split-second mini moments. But printed photo art is forever. It is impactful. It makes a tangible memories. 

premium folio box with prints Renata Clarke Photography

Digital files are not archives

You need to think of digital photos as temporary storage. They are a way to get from our session or your holidays or first day of school to your walls and photo albums. CDs, USBs, and hard drives do not last forever. The cloud fails to back up. You lose your phone. Your hard drive packs up. Your cloud storage account gets locked out. Your laptop gets stolen. Or simply your digital photos sit on your computer to be completely forgotten and never looked at again.

premium folio box with prints Renata Clarke Glamour and Boudoir Photography Worcester

Free the photos! 

You need to free your photos from your phone and hard drive! Our generation will be the most photographed generation with the fewest photos to show for it.

Why print your images?

  • Because your prints are for today, tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that.
  • Because prints remind us of what love really feels like.
  • Because they’re only young once.
  • Because the place to save money is not on the most important purchases.
  • Because so many photos get lost, or even worse, deleted off of old hard drives.
  • Because you can touch and feel your memories.
  • Because you put too much work into your family not to show them off!
  • Because technology comes and goes.
  • Because photography is best enjoyed in print.
  • Because a memory stick in a drawer is pointless.
  • Because a hard drive doesn’t trigger a smile.
  • Because memories are tied to touch.
  • Because you can instantly improve your self-esteem by displaying a beautiful portrait on a wall in your home
Graphistudio signature folio box with matted prints at Renata Clarke Portraits

I offer premium printed photos because I believe in print. Printed photos will be looked at every day. Prints will last you a lifetime and will be heirloom items passed down from generation to generation. You can’t do that with a USB stick or CD or even with your Dropbox account. What will the computers and laptops look like in 20 years? Most already don’t have a CD drive and the USB may be replaced by another type of storage in the future. What if your photos are trapped on a USB drive forever? You’ll have nothing to show to your children. No photos to share of the time that was. These photographs are your story. Show them the respect and care that they deserve. 

premium folio box with prints Renata Clarke Glamour and Boudoir Photography Worcester

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