#existinphotographs for your children, for yourself, for the people who love you… – Sue Bryce

What is #existinphotographs?

It is easy for people to get caught up in a competition when it comes to a craft. Things are no different when it comes to photography. Modern-day photographers tend to be hung up about things like who has the most followers on social media and which photographer is booking the most clients. Sadly, the real craft tends to take a back seat. 

Go ahead and check your phone or camera. How many of your photos are NOT selfies and actually capture something meaningful and precious? Now, compare them to the countless selfies and other such photos that have no sentimental or long-term value. How many of them have you actually printed?

Choose to #existinphotographs

As chasing trends becomes more prevalent, photographers have started to focus more on capturing a social media following in their attempts to become ‘the next big thing.’ To combat this attitude, Sue Bryce, a master portrait photographer, came up with a fantastic campaign called #existinphotographs at the 2015 Photo Week conference. 

This movement had the sole purpose of urging photographers to recognise true values in their medium and creating timeless photographs that can be cherished for ages. Portrait photography isn’t about drawing attention towards yourself but about leaving behind a legacy. 

Similarly, professional photography isn’t simply a means to earn money for taking good pictures. Instead, photographers should be able to provide their clients with a unique experience that helps in capturing beautifully crafted images.

Why Is It Important?

When do you think was the last time you paid a professional portrait photographer in Worcestershire to create a memory that will last a lifetime? Was it after you graduated? On your wedding day? Is that all? If so, it’s finally time for you to #existinphotographs.

Exist in photographs for your children, for yourself, for the people who love you… – Sue Bryce

Think about it. Years later, when your children or your family ask to see your photos, what would you have to show them? Sure, a couple of fun selfies might summon a few nostalgic memories, but they wouldn’t go beyond that. However, if you choose to exist in photographs, you can visit my portrait photography studio in Worcester. Let’s create something beautiful you can cherish for generations to come.

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