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Same day transformation

Lisa has been a part of my limited series, called DISCOVER YOU. This project is focused on celebrating you, what has shaped you and who you are NOW. This is for any women who are used to sacrificing themselves for everyone else in their world and deserve to celebrate themselves.

I loved connecting with Lisa during our pre-shoot consultations. Her positivity and love for life made me so excited for her session. I admire her confidence, inner strength and true passion for helping other people.

Meet Lisa.

Lisa’s story

I grew up always feeling that I got in the way.  I felt sometimes I wasn’t wanted around and that my family’s life would be better if I wasn’t there.  Although in my adult life I have learned this was not the case, it did not take away these feelings I had growing up.

I got into rave scene, partied hard, but was always looking and searching for something. Self destruct carried on for many years. I always fended for myself and was fiercely independent, and had to be strong as I received little support..

For years I was told I was selfish and always thinking about myself. The truth is I simply craved to be nurtured.  I wanted to feel that I was important.  That it was good to have me around. I know now that is not selfish to want that.

For a couple of years in my twenties were very chaotic and difficult.  I was rockbottom, felt helpless and pretty sure I had a breakdown.

I went abroad to get away from things and worked in bars and clubs and then as a holiday rep in Cyprus.

The birth of my daughter at 26 changed my life for the better, and then having my son 4 years later and marrying my husband made my family complete. I was, however, still searching for  things that would make me happy and feel fulfilled. I discovered and did my first training in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) 10 years ago which led to me get to the root of my issues stop the self destruct and learn love myself. My life is very very different now.  I am very happy, settled and my passion is helping others.

Lisa Tighe Fine Art Portrait by Renata Clarke portrait photography studio in Worcestershire, Midlands, UK

My mission is to help people like themselves.

I’m a Master Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and a Master Coach.  I also practice EFT tapping. I provide coaching and therapy as a package and I work mainly with women who have things that weigh them down and hold them back. I go quite deep in the emotions using timeline therapy which is a powerful therapeutic process based on a concept of mind storing our unconscious memories in a timeline manner. I use EFT tapping to unravel things that may be deep rooted.  The EFT process is way in which emotions and feelings can be acknowledged and moved through to enable the person to  feel different. This is great therapy for physical and emotional distress. I love my work and the transformation process my clients go through. 

You are always in control of your own decisions no matter what people think. You can’t change other people but you can change your reactions.

I specialise in finding a root cause. If somebody comes to me with anxiety, I work on uncovering on what’s underneath it, finding the cause and the purpose of it. There is a lot of self sabotage with people drinking a lot or taking the drugs to forget or block things out. Sometimes people seem to have a really nice life on the outside but deep down they are really upset or angry and they don’t know why. I work with a lot of people who don’t know what’s wrong with them and help them get to the bottom of it. On the whole they all seem fine but once you start uncovering what’s inside them, and everything is coming up to the surface. I was like this for years. Once I had my NLP training, I brought everything to the surface and that changed my life completely. 

Lisa Tighe Magazine Style Portrait by Renata Clarke portrait photography studio in Worcestershire, Midlands, UK

What do you want most out of life?

To build my business to help more people. 

To continue to make sure my kids know they are loved and are happy

To travel to places I wanted to see when I was younger and never got to

To maybe own a property abroad

To live happy

What do you love about yourself?

My positivity

I’m great at getting people together

I love celebrating 

My experience and how I use that as a positive to help others

My lust for life

My legs!

Lisa Tighe Magazine Style Portrait by Renata Clarke portrait photography studio in Worcestershire, Midlands, UK

What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

Be yourself. Love yourself. Enjoy the experience. It’s all fine. Whatever is going on, it will be fine. 

Be happy with yourself.  Look at the good in yourself.  Be as positive as possible.  You are strong and you are good.  I would also tell myself to wear suncream on my face!  Enjoy every moment.  Life flies by and you never know what’s going to happen.  Enjoy every moment and take opportunities when they arise.  

It’s all about self acceptance. 

Lisa Tighe Magazine Style Portrait by Renata Clarke portrait photography studio in Worcestershire, Midlands, UK

Last time I felt comfortable and sexy in my own skin was 15 years ago, when I was 30. That’s why I want to look hot again and discover more sophisticated side of me. 

It’s a process.  Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

I want to help women to feel good about themselves and their lives. 

In order to do that you need to start somewhere and acknowledge you may need to make a change, and that’s fine. 

Lisa Tighe Fine Art Portrait by Renata Clarke portrait photography studio in Worcestershire, Midlands, UK

Why were the photographs important to you now?

I feel I have more confidence and would like to see that in a photo.  I’ve have always disliked having my photo taken.  In the past  I was never able to take a compliment.

Now that I have worked through the things that were holding me back I am the happiest I have ever been!  I really wanted this captured in a photo.

When I got married nearly 16 years ago we did not have a wedding photographer.  Money was tight and I was adamant that it was a luxury we could do without. 

How did you feel seeing your finished portraits?

It was very emotional seeing my photos.  During the whole process I was totally out of my comfort zone.  I am more confident and happy in my life now than I have ever been and the photos absolutely captured that!

I saw in the photos that I look a lot like my Granny.

She was a beautiful, glamourous woman who I loved very much.  She has always been a huge inspiration to me.  

The top places I would love to travel to

  • California – I want to fly to San Francisco and drive all the way down the coast
  • Vegas
  • Sri Lanca 
  • Prague
  • Cyprus
  • Poland 
Lisa Tighe Magazine Style Portrait by Renata Clarke portrait photography studio in Worcestershire, Midlands, UK

As a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Lisa is helping people make positive changes to their lives to be happy, strong and free.

If you would like to find out more about Lisa’s work and how she could help you, visit: https://lisatighetherapyandcoaching.co.uk or email info@lisatighetherapyandcoaching.co.uk

Photo & Retouch Renata Clarke

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