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What will be your visual legacy?

Hi, I am Renata Clarke and I am a professional portrait photographer in Worcester. I have never fully appreciated selfies but when asked, “What’s the difference?”, I wasn’t quite sure how to explain it at first. Recently I put some thought into it and here I am compiling the most profound differences between selfie and portrait photography – in the words of a professional portrait photographer in Worcestershire. 

The 3 main differences between the two are:

The Idea

For starters, every photo has an idea that instantly comes to the mind of the viewer. Even if you didn’t want to convey something in your picture, it almost always comes through. With selfies, however, I’m not so sure that the depth of an idea really comes through.

We usually take selfies to eternalize fun or important moments in our lives. Almost as if we want to capture proof that a certain event occurred at a certain place with certain people. Of course, no one really anticipates the idea of a selfie. Instead, they anticipate the comments and likes they are bound to receive next to the picture on social media.

When I see someone’s selfie, I notice how pretty or funnily goofy they look; but that’s about all.

Professional portrait photography, on the other hand, almost certainly carries a meaning or an idea before taking any pictures. Most professional photographers, myself included, actually discuss this idea with our clients beforehand. We want to know why and how you would like to be photographed. Actually, discovering your why is the most important part of the preparation process. It helps us getting to know you better and what we should bring out in your photographs most.

In doing so, we can help create an emotion or make a strategically captured picture carry a message. Of course, we don’t do it to fish for compliments. Instead, we do it to arouse an emotion in the viewer. 

autumn leaf beauty image by Renata Clarke

The Moment

Typically, selfies are connected to a particular place or time. As soon as you see those selfies, you remember that particular occasion or that situation you found yourself in.

While all of this may be great, professional portraits are more inclined towards capturing an attitude or a particular emotion you had at the time of getting your picture taken. Even if you didn’t plan on capturing an emotion in your photo-shoot, it is bound to come out in one way or the other and your portrait will always make you recall that exact emotion.

Hardly anyone cares about when Beethoven released a particular symphony. What they DO care about are the emotions that resurface with each note. Food for thought.

Modern Magazine Style Boudoir Photography, Elegant Boudoir Photoshoot , Fine Art Boudoir by Renata Clarke boutique boudoir photography studio in Worcestershire, Midlands, UK

The Planning and Preparation

Selfies and spontaneity go hand in hand. The most someone would do before capturing a selfie is to touch-up their hair or strike up a pose – but that’s about it. In comparison, portrait photography entails the subject of a picture and the professional photographer discussing how to depict exactly what they feel. 

They plan the outfits, poses, colours, lighting and general mood for each shot to help bring out your vision for the portraits to life.

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