40 Over 40 Portrait Experience Client Interview

Wendy: ‘As a disabled female who has smashed many barriers and just past her 50, I’d like to share and celebrate the #disabledwomencan#celebratethedifference and what can be achieved with a positive mindset.’

Connecting with Wendy has been a remarkable experience. Initially she asked for a fun and quirky session and this is how we started her photoshoot. But as soon as I tuned into her on a deeper level, I saw so much more than that and her session went in a different direction. I saw the REAL Wendy, for who she is today and I wanted to show her just that.

I knew she was not showing these parts of herself to the world, perhaps she didn’t even know they were in her. She is incredibly strong person and that is what everyone sees. However there is also a gentle and feminine side and her beauty I wanted to reflect back to her. I knew she needed to see it now.

Wendy had no idea what to expect when she came to view the finished portraits as I never showed her any previews on the back of my camera (I like keeping my clients super curious until the reveal day!). She was stunned when she noticed several prints on the wall and realised it was her! She never thought she could look like this, she could be this beautiful woman. “How did you manage to make me look like this??” – she asked. “I cannot put a price on what you have given me”

To me, there is always some anxiousness around presenting the final results to my clients. Every time I wonder if I tuned in enough to feel their true essence and what they needed to rediscover in themselves. Wendy’s reveal appointment was unbelievably moving for both of us and made me want to connect with women on an even deeper level and help them become the women they always meant to be. As I am going through my own journey of rediscovery and realignment, I want other women to experience meaningful transformation themselves, be all they can be and have some amazing portraits to mark their own journey.

Join me for an interview with Wendy, one of my incredible 40 over 40 campaign clients. Wendy will talk about herself and her life journey, who inspires her, why she decided to have a portrait session and what it was like (spoiler alert: not quite what she thought it would be 😁).

I am blessed to connect with and photograph such an inspiring woman

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