40 over 40 session with Chloe

Chloe - Same Day Transformation, Makeover Photoshoot by Renata Clarke Portraits in Worcester

CHLOE: I loved every minute of my experience with Renata. Not only the final results were amazing, but the experience with her and my shooting day was surprisingly pleasant, rewarding and enjoyable. She made me feel so relaxed in front of the camera and didn’t even feel slightly nervous which I would usually be. If anything, I even had a glimpse of being a professional model 🙂 Thank you so much Renata and definitely would like to work with you again on any future occasions.

When Chloe reached out to me first, she wanted only personal branding photos and advice on how to present herself professionally after changing her career from marketing to accounting. She wanted something different than the typical photos with a laptop, phone or notepad you see a lot in branding sessions. In the end, we also took some styled portraits that bring out Chloe’s feminine qualities, certain vulnerability, and inner strength.

Being a mum of a very young child, Chloe did not have much time and energy to think about herself, and till the day of her photoshoot, she did feel a little bit guilty about treating herself to an indulging experience. I’ve seen it so many times. But I have also seen women truly blossoming on the day as their photoshoot progressed, bringing out more of their true essence and starting to not only acknowledge but FEEL that they deserve to be seen, valued, loved and empowered.

There is so much talk about self-love and women empowerment these days however I feel these qualities are not fully understood and often relate to women simply looking after their appearance more (clothes, makeup, treatments – you name it) and doing whatever the hell they want. Why would love towards yourself be any different than love towards your children, partner or other people close to your heart?

Self-love to me is not just being selfish or having an inflated ego or always putting yourself first. It is kindness towards yourself, deep self-respect and acceptance, not because you are perfect, but in spite of any imperfections you may have, that make you unique. It is making any decisions in your life based on that deep respect and kindness, it is speaking about yourself in a positive way, it is gentleness and forgiveness towards yourself, it is believing in yourself and giving yourself the unconditional love that you deserve.



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Makeup & hair styling by Aleksandra Guz Pro Makeup Artist and Hair Design

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